Wall-Mounted Air Purifiers

Wall-Mounted units are permanent solutions for air purification when HVAC ducts or air-handling units are not accessible.

Offers a permanent installation that is out of the way

Provides powerful hydroxyl generation that can treat up to 6,500 ft2 (604 m2)

Requires support brackets or in case of HRC06™ wiring to a power source


Odorox® HRC06 Air Curtain

• Installation requires an electrician

• Comes with a separate control panel

• Covers 3,400 to 6,500 ft2 (316 to 604 m2)*

• Noise level: 60 dBA 10 ft from unit

• Weight: 141 lbs. (64 Kg)


* Treatment area range under typical operating conditions: 3 air changes per hour, 90% recirculated air, and 9 ft (2.7 m) ceilings. Refer to the product specification sheet or contact PYURE for more details on operating guidelines.

How to Choose a Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

Odorox® HRC06™ Air Curtain

Purchase the Odorox® HRC06™ Air Curtain, a unit designed to generate a powerful continuous blanket of purified air in a set direction, such as downward from above a door or outward when fastened on a wall.


Do it yourself with a portable unit

Purchase brackets and mount a portable unit (MDU/Rx™, Slimline™ or Boss™ units) on the wall.

How to Buy

Our Wall-Mounted air purifiers can be purchased through authorized distributors or directly from us.