Custom Air Purification Solutions

For larger commercial areas or entire buildings, PYURE offers custom-designed air purification solutions that integrate with existing HVAC and air-handling systems.

Featuring sensor-driven, interactive process controls.

Scalable to any size with significant economies of scale for large surface areas.

Depending on layout and configuration, can be used in single or multiple HVAC systems.

Continuous data collection and archived data storage/record keeping.

Three Core Components of PYURE Dynamic Protection™ Custom Air Purification Solutions

1. Hydroxyl generating units
2. Controllers that monitor and adjust the intensity of hydroxyl production
3. Fail-safe sensors that measure oxidant levels in the treated spaces

PYURE’s proprietary software and control logic ensure that the system is performing uniformly and optimally and that oxidant levels stay well within the safe limits set by the EPA and OSHA.

PYURE Custom Air Purification Products

PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM custom solutions incorporate one or more of the following products, depending on the size of the facility being treated, the specificities of the HVAC system and the needs of the customer.

IDI™ Unit

This is an In-Duct unit that can link to a controller that monitors and varies its output.

MVP14™ Unit

This unit has greater hydroxyl generating capability than the IDI and is ideally suited for integration into an existing HVAC system where space is limited.

MVP24™ Unit

This is a heavy-duty unit that comes with a reinforced shell that enables it to sit on rooftops or outside of buildings.

MVP48™ Unit

This is our most powerful unit and ideal for large installations or new builds where space is available.

How to Buy

To find out more about our PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM custom solutions, contact one of our sales specialists.