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If you are interested in learning more about our products, or you would like to place an order, please review the options below and select the option that best describes you:

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You work in the global Cruise Line industry or operate a luxury yacht.
Contact our distributor Vikand Solutions:
You work in the resort industry or are located in the Caribbean.
Contact our distributor Hospitality Environments:
You work in the US Restoration and Remediation market.
Contact our distributor Odorox Hydroxyl Group:
You are in the states of New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.
Contact our regional distributor Odoroxair, a Bio-Shine Company:
You are in another U.S. state or Mexico and interested in a portable device.
Contact our distributor CleanArc Power:
You are in Western Canada (west of Ontario).
Contact our regional distributor Environmental Air Cleaning (EAC):
You are in Eastern Canada (east of Manitoba).
Contact our regional distributor Hydroxyl Environmental Inc:
You are located outside of North America.
Contact us to find your nearest distributor:
You are interested in a custom solution for your facility.
Contact our team to obtain an initial assessment:

If you are an existing customer and require help with any of the following:

• Ordering additional products

• Ordering replacement optics or spare parts

• Asking a technical question

• Registering a complaint

• Having an issue with a delivery or invoice


+1 (877) 735-3701

PYURE Is Seeking To Expand Its Global Presence

We are actively looking to expand our distribution network outside of North America. If you have an established presence in a given country or region, with knowledge of and access to the local air and surface sanitization market, you could be a distributor of PYURE products.

If you would like to sell Odorox® portable, wall, or duct-mounted devices in your market, please complete our distributor questionnaire and return it to us at




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PYURE is interested in partnering with HVAC companies that can retrofit our technology into existing HVAC systems or integrate our technology into new HVAC installations. We are also seeking OEMs that can incorporate our technology into their HVAC equipment.

HVAC companies that would like to explore a partnership opportunity can contact us at

PYURE is also interested in partnering with consumer products companies that market air purification products or would like to develop a line of sanitization products for consumers. The right B2C product design and marketing company could leverage our technology.

Consumer product companies interested in exploring a partnership with PYURE can contact us at

If you don’t fit into any of the above, contact us directly:


+1 (877) 735-3701