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Boynton Beach, Florida. August 17, 2020.   HGI Industries Inc. announced today that it has changed its name to The PYURE Company (“PYURE”).   PYURE will continue to market its Odorox® line of products, which it has been selling for over 15 years.   Odorox® products are now co-branded with the Powered by PYURE TechnologyTM trademark,  to identify the unique hydroxyl technology inside every device.  PYURE’s custom HVAC solutions are also being rebranded from Odorox® to “PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM, effective immediately.

We are living in a rapidly changing world.  Public health has been a growing concern for a number of years, but the recent pandemic has heightened the importance of pathogen protection and indoor air quality.  Every sector of the global economy is seeking solutions to manage invisible threats, and PYURE’s technology is unique in terms of its safety and efficacy.  PYURE is not simply an odor abatement company. 

PYURE products provide proven pathogen destruction and improved air quality, offering customers peace of mind.  No other sanitization technology kills pathogens in air and on surfaces as effectively and safely as PYURE technology, and its body of scientific evidence is unparalleled.   A unique technology deserves a unique name, one that conveys its fundamental value proposition: purity. 

PYURE encourages you to visit the new website (  and familiarize yourself with the new branding and positioning.  This is the first step in PYURE’s transformation to a global leader in pathogen protection and air quality. 

About The PYURE Company

PYURE  is a private company that manufactures and markets commercial purifiers to cleanse, deodorize and sanitize air and surfaces.  PYURE’s novel, patent-protected hydroxyl technology replicates the way sunlight sanitizes the outdoor environment by safely generating and diffusing hydroxyls and organic oxidants indoors.  PYURE markets a range of products, from portable devices treating hundreds of square feet to HVAC integrated solutions that treat hundreds of thousands of square feet.  PYURE products can be purchased directly or through authorized distributors.  PYURE is located in Boynton Beach, Florida.  For more information, visit  

Sandra Shaw-Guth, VP Sales
Tel. +1 (561) 735-3701

Odorox®, PYURE Dynamic ProtectionTM and Powered by PYURE TechnologyTM are registered trademarks of  The PYURE Company.  © 2020 All rights reserved.